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from Innovative Leisure

UK-based supplier Innovative Leisure has secured the rights to distribute this new climbing attraction.

is brought to life with light-up grips that allow users not only to climb up the wall but also play a number of games, in groups of up to six.
The wall is pieced together using sections 1-metre wide and 2.8m high. The standard version consists of six sections and can be placed against a flat wall, in a corner or as a freestanding unit with a total width of 6.4m.
Each section features 24 grips for hands and feet incorporating a sensor and light linked to a computer. Activities available include a “Whac-a-Mole” style game where players have to put out the lights as they come on, a sound-based challenge using the integrated surround sound system, and a function that “records” a person’s climb.
“The range of games, and depth of experience, has an incredible appeal from pre-school through to teenagers,” notes Innovative Leisure’s Phil Pickersgill. “Digiwall is a climbing wall brought to life!” 

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