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Date confirmed for Lost Island theme park opening

Lost Island Waterpark’s Lost Island theme park in Waterloo, Iowa, which was originally set to open on June 10, is now confirmed to open on June 18.

The 159-acre Lost Island attraction is home to five themed ‘realms’.

Mura (Fire)

Mura features a pendulum ride called Mura Fury, the Rokava ride, the Shaman’s Curse ride and a volcano-themed ride called Volkanu by Sally Dark Rides.

Yuta (Earth)

Yuta’s offerings include the Matugani launch coaster, an archaeological dig site called Pengali Ruins, and Yuta Falls log ride.

Image: Lost Island


Awa (Water)

Awa is home to the Awaati Battle interactive ride and Akua Maze water maze. It also boasts rides such as Eeki Eeki Escape, Zulawa Wave, and a Ferris wheel called Alzanu’s Eye.

Udara (Air)

Attractions within the Udara area include Amara Aviators and Dream Spinner, the Nopuko air coaster and Skyborne drop tower.

Tamariki (Spirit)

Tamariki is designed for younger visitors, with family-friendly attractions such as Ohu Hoppers and Mama Pezaki, as well as the mini Lokolo coaster and Tuka Tumbler Ferris wheel.

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