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Dancing in the aisles at EAS!

Fancy a dance at Euro Attractions Show? New exhibitor Attraktion! GmbH will be giving visitors to this week’s exhibition in Paris the chance to strut their stuff and keep fit. 

Playoke Dance is one of the first products to emerge from the Austrian firm, and apparently the first interactive dance game of its kind, using 3D group motion tracking and designed specifically for out-of-home commercial use.

As players dance along to the performers on screen (music videos, mascots and games can also be displayed), their movements and steps are tracked, analysed and compared in real time. The immediate feedback, combined with a system of points and ranking, adds a competitive element and a challenge that makes the experience more entertaining and satisfying.

Attracktion! boss Markus Beyr says Playoke is suitable for theme parks, family entertainment centres, science centres and other leisure facilities More than a dozen units are already under contract. Try it out for yourself on booth #2106 at EAS, from 18 to 20 September at the Port de Versailles exhibition centre in Paris.

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