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UPDATE: Custom designed Top Gun launch coaster ‘Fighter Jet’ officially opened

On 28th May the Fantawild Group officially opened the new theme park Fanta Park Glorious Orient in Ganzhou. The park features Vekoma Rides’ next generation Launch Coaster Top Gun that packs the adventure of a lifetime and is themed around an aircraft carrier take-off, sporting four fighter jet trains with a maximum of eight passengers per train. After the power launch, that sends rides to 97 km/h in a mere 3 seconds, riders will experience several duelling train effects, no less than five breathtaking airtime moments and four inversions.

Design philosophy

In a press statement, Vekoma said: “The Top Gun Launch Coaster ‘Fighter Jet’ is a very special ride. The concept was actually created by the Fantawild design team. They presented the idea of this aircraft carrier launch type experience and asked Vekoma if they could design something that would simulate the flight of a fighter jet, being launched from a carrier. That was the starting position for the concept design and for the rest of the ride Vekoma tried to include as many direction changes and force changes that would simulate a ‘dog fight’ – two fighter jets battling in the sky.”

Top Gun ride experience

A beautiful day on the majestic aircraft carrier is disrupted by an emergency radio call: “code red, harbour breached! Scramble fighters”! In no time 8 brave pilots strap into their comfortable seats and steer their fighter jets onto the launch strip. Time seems to slow down when all the green flags go up. The catapult is charged, no time for second thoughts: 3.. 2.. 1.. blast off!!

Without hesitation the vehicles rocket down the launch deck to 97 km/h in a mere 3 seconds. It’s a thrill for both riders and spectators alike, as another jet dives down overhead before rolling upside down and over the aircraft carrier. In a blink of an eye the train flies 32 meters up in the air, where riders find themselves twisting upside down and floating out in their seats while cresting the spectacular, world’s first Rollover Camelback.

Leaving no time to catch their breath, riders fly over a double-down Camelback filled with airtime while another jet on their left races them to the upcoming Immelmann Loop. In a spectacular near miss manoeuvre the jets pass each other in mid-air before our pilots fly down to water level through a forceful S-Turn. Next up is a super-fast Blitz Roll that spins the vehicles 360 degrees upside down, only inches above the aircraft carrier. Then a hard-banked, right-hand Carousel turnaround leads the vehicles through a swift Track-Twist and down a left-hand Carousel spiral around majestic rock formations.

After riders fly up and over another Camelback there is a brief moment for them to catch their breath, while the jet flies towards and over the aircraft carrier. Then a swift Carousel dive takes riders down alongside the ship, lining up with another jet taking off from the deck. In a surprise move, the vehicles now roll upside down through a Zero-G Roll, passing over the launch deck while the other jet shoots by underneath and away in the distance.

Next, the jet races over a Bunnyhop, lifting riders from their seats. The train then dives down to water level into a 270 degree Carousel, skimming the water surface before twisting down an S-Turn.

Spectacular views are guaranteed as another jet approaches at their 3 o‘clock. An Overbanked Turn then sends the vehicles through a final near-miss effect with the other jet before they head back to base.

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