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Curse of Skull Rock

Produced by Red Star Studio, The Curse of Skull Rock is a fun new 4D film hot from the cutting room floor. Director Ben Smith was still putting the finishing touches to the production at the time of writing, but reckons the attraction film will come in at around 11 minutes.

Audiences are taken on a swashbuckling adventure aboard a pirate ship as plucky cabin girl Jill Hopkins fights against the tyrannical Captain Scabb in pursuit of the legendary lost treasure of Skull Rock.

“The concept behind the film is straightforward,” says Smith. “You should be able to walk into the theatre and understand what is about right away. Most of all though, it is silly and fun.”

The computer-animated production is designed specifically for 4D effects theatres. “We are not trying to force 3D into a 4D environment,” adds Smith. Synchronised effects in the film include a blast of wind as the ships sets sail, flashes of thunder and lightning, as well as aromas of the salty sea air and, for those venues that choose it, something a little less savoury. Also included are water splashes, seat vibration, seat drop and the “classic” leg tickle.

Produced with English dialogue, the film can also be dubbed for foreign markets. Smith is also willing to be flexible with regards to the film’s content, suggesting cuts can be made to incorporate footage unique to a particular venue. Exclusivity within a geographical region can also be negotiated.

The film is to be distributed by Simworx in the UK but is available for use in any 4D effects theatre. Red Star Studio previously worked with Simworx on a number of its simulator rides films, as well as the 4D film B17 Mission. “Doing 4D films is quite different to producing ride films,” notes Smith, “they are longer and you can get a lot more involved with the story.”

Curse of Skull Rock is to be officially launched at IAAPA Attractions Expo this month in Orlando.

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