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Crealy funds third PlayPump

Up to 2,500 people in Mozambique will be able to enjoy clean water thanks to a fund-raising effort by Crealy Great Adventure Parks, which will ensure the installation of a Roundabout PlayPump.

Children play on a simple roundabout, which then pumps water from a borehole into an overhead storage tank, providing clean water for whole communities. Over half of the world’s population do not yet have access to clean water.

Crealy, which has parks at Devon and Cornwall in England, has been working with PlayPumps International since 2006 and funded three roundabouts. The South African organisation has secured the endorsement of Nelson Mandela and IAAPA and now installed over 1,000 of these unique water pump and storage systems across Africa.

The latest PlayPump funded by Crealy guests is located in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa at the Flagstaff community’s Lubala J School. The donation from Crealy was combined with a gift from a US donor, the Church of the Falling Spring.

Crealy’s managing director, Angela Wright MBE, hopes via IAAPA to install PlayPumps in attractions around the world in order to raise awareness of the work of PlayPumps International.

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