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Condor flies over Copenhagen


Here’s what the latest Condor from Huss Park Attractions will look like when it opens this April at Tivoli in Copenhagen. The famous Danish park is marketing Fatamorgana as a 3-in-1 attraction.

The new ride is based on the Huss’ Condor 2G (2nd generation) and offers a choice of two kinds of ride gondola that spin at different speeds as they climb 30 metres (98ft) up the tower. On the fastest ride, passengers are seated back-to-back in a circle and slung around at a dizzying pace. On the more moderate ride, passengers sit facing outwards, allowing them to appreciate the views of Copenhagen’s streets from 30 metres (97ft) up. A third ride experience is offered in the shape of a mini bumper car tack which is located beneath the tower loading area.

“Some of Denmark’s busiest streets pass Tivoli; space is limited, so we have to think out of the box,” notes Tivolo CEO Lars Leibst. “With Fatamorgana, the Huss factory and our in-house designers have created a ride that gives us three new attractions in one, allowing us to achieve the vital development we need as an amusement park if we are to continue to attract Danish and international visitors.”

“At Huss Park Attractions we are aware of Tivoli’s space issues and our engineers have found Fatamorgana an intriguing assignment,” adds Mirko J Schulze, CEO of the German-based company.

True to Tivoli tradition, the park’s designers have styled Fatamorgana to match the Gardens’ distinctive visual features. Jonathan Gress Wright and Will Gurley were inspired by minaret architecture, contemporary art and design culture and the Tivoli’s celebratory oriental architecture. Riders are whisked away into the sky riding either a gilded winged lions or winged Oryx.

Standing a total of 45 metres (147ft) in height, Fatamorgana  will join other towering Tivoli attractions including Vertigo (Technical Park Flying Fury), the Golden Tower (S&S Space Shot), Star Flyer (by Funtime) and the Demon (B&M floorless coaster).


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