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Clip ‘N Climb introduces The Champion’s Series

The Champion’s Series is a brand-new set of fun climbing walls from Clip ‘n Climb. Designed to broaden the sport’s appeal and attract and retain new customers, it also capitalises on the buzz that is likely to develop around climbing as it features in the Olympic Games for the very first time this year. Given that 50% of the world’s population watched the 2016 Games, interest in the sport can be expected to increase.

Climbing and leisure centres, gyms, and shopping malls will be able to recreate their own Clip ‘n Climb representations of the climbing disciplines audiences throughout the world will watch this year in the Olympics and the World Cup. The Champion’s Serie includes three new walls: one based on each Olympic discipline: Lead, Bouldering and Speed Climbing.

Lead wall: The winner can climb higher

This wall starts with an accessible level of difficulty but becomes more challenging as the climber ascends. It will take several attempts for climbers to reach the top and claim their gold medal.

Boulder wall: Climbing longer makes you stronger

This shorter wall represents a new approach for Clip ‘n Climb, as climbers are not attached but kept safe by a thick foam bouldering mat. The wall offers bronze, silver and gold levels of challenge, and can accommodate three climbers at once. Bouldering is the most popular discipline within sport climbing.

Speed wall: Get to the top faster

Speed walls have proved to be among the most popular Challenges in Clip ‘n Climb facilities. The new Champions version encourages customers to challenge other climbers to a race or simply test their own limits and improve their time. These walls can be equipped with Trublue Speed AutoBelays, which offer fast retraction specifically suited to speed climbing.

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