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Climbing Wall Panels

by Innovative Leisure

The UK-based supplier of active family attractions, Innovative Leisure has added a new product to its range, a modular panel system that offers a flat climbing wall solution to suit almost any specification.

The first installation was completed this summer at Potters Leisure Resort near Great Yarmouth in England, where a six-person, 6.5m high climbing wall is now successfully operating.

Each panel measures 1.2m x 1.2m and is made to look and feel like real rock, featuring over 20 handhold attachment points. With uniform thickness at the edges they fit together seamlessly.

The panels are suitable either as a vertical climbing wall or low level traversing wall aimed at giving younger children their first climbing experience. They can also be installed onto pre-existing wall structures. With the correct steel framework, the system is suitable for virtually any venue, indoors or outdoors. Innovative Leisure also offers its own hydraulic auto belay system to allow for an exciting yet extremely safe climbing experience.

The new modular panel system joins a wide range of climbing attractions offered by the company, including standard climbing walls and towers, motorised climbing simulators, the Coconut Tree Climb and DigiWall, a computer-based climbing wall and interactive game. 

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