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Changzhou Dino Coaster

Zamperla’s new junior coaster will be one of several new attractions opening in 2010 at Changzhou Dinosaur Park in China, and it features a unique twist: a choice of regular or sit-astride themed ride vehicles.

Due to go into operation at the beginning of May, the coaster offers an exciting succession of curves, dips and valleys during a course of over half-a-kilometre. The total ride footprint (see right) is 67 by 67 metres, and the highest point is 20.5-metres.

Each of the ride’s trains can seat up to 20 riders, but it is the two-abreast Dilphosaurus-mounts that are expected to offer the more interesting riding position. Riders as small 105cms can ride, and the maximum speed is 65km/h.

The train are brought up the lift hill by kicker motors. An anti roll-back system is provided by way of mechanical brakes. Magnetic brakes are used at the end of ride to bring the train to a stop, and the coaster requires no foundations. The ride has been developed using the most advanced software programs, designed and calculated to meet the international safety standards.

Also new this season at Changzhou Dinosaur Park will be a King Kong ride and Sky Tower by Huss, plus an S&S tower ride.

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