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Cavu Designwerks partners with Force Engineering to sell Linear Inductions Motors in China

Cavu Designwerks has announced a partnership with Force Engineering to sell Linear Inductions Motors in China. The partnership positions Cavu as the sole distributor of LIMS in China.

“The Chinese market for roller coasters is growing at a tremendous pace,” explained Peter Schnabel, CEO of Cavu. “Creating an unprecedented demand for Linear Induction Motor powered propulsion systems. I’ve been fortunate to work with Force Engineering and the owners, Alan and Neil Foster, for over 25 years. The business relationship has grown into a trustworthy friendship. I am pleased to introduce this quality product and support the need for LIMS by supplying these motors at an exceptional price. Force product allows us to bring a quality product to the market at an exceptional value/price proposition.”

Schnabel first introduced LIMS to the theme park industry by powering the Flight of Fear roller coasters for Kings Island and Kings Dominion using Force technology. These frictionless drive systems move the vehicle using only magnetic forces, rather than the typical friction systems with large, noisy motors. The LIM system uses a team of smaller, silent motors along the ride to propel the vehicle forwards. By eliminating the friction on the drive system, the noise for moving the vehicle is eliminated.

Together, Cavu and Force are now introducing the next generation of power saving intelligent LIMs with their new attraction being installed in China in 2019.

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