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Cantilevered Coaster

Two American ride designers have joined forces to market a cantilevered rollercoaster system.

Cantilevered Coaster Systems (CCS) and Setpoint Inc are offering a small to medium-size ride package at between $4-6 million.

The two companies believe the novel coaster concept, which provides multi-axis accelerations via the cantilevered mechanism, will provide a family-oriented ride with an edge. Through the initial development of a more “restrained” ride, they predict larger and faster systems can more easily be evolved.

The first of the two track layouts under consideration is a semi-flat, constant-drive configuration lending itself to themed dark-ride/coaster style attractions. The second layout is a “wild mouse” style configuration employing a single lift hill. Utilising this layout in conjunction with the CRC’s vertical and lateral ranges of motion, various thrilling and perilous head and side-knocker “close calls” would be created. An hourly capacity of around 1,000 is promised utilising either two or four-seater ride vehicles.

In March 2010, the cantilvered coaster was declared “one of the best unbuilt thrill rides” by Wired magazine.

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