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by Intermatic Vending

It’s one of the highest profit margin confectionery items an attraction can offer, and now candy floss (cotton candy) is available in a new and exciting format. The Candy Floss Vending Machine offered by this Northern Irish company is almost an attraction in its own right.

Guests watch with fascination and delight as a paper stick is picked up by a mechanical arm, lowered down into the bowl below and spun for 60 seconds to make the floss, before the finished product pops up in a window above.
The vending machine, which also plays music as it produces the candy floss, can be branded to suit any venue and is currently operating in shopping malls, cinemas, bowling alleys, hotels and FECs. Preloaded with up to 400 vends at a time, the machine requires only one weekly clean of 15 minutes.

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