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Camp Snoopy opens at Carowinds

In Charlotte, North Carolina, Carowinds’ renovated kids’ area, Camp Snoopy, is new for 2018. Formerly known as Planet Snoopy, Camp Snoopy features five new rides from Zamperla, a climb and play area, and upgraded amenities surrounded by a natural-looking midway reminiscent of the Carolina wilderness.

Camp Snoopy includes six new rides and attractions. Guests can buckle up on the wacky Camp Bus and take a ride that will lift them up, down, and all around. Aboard the Peanuts Trailblazers they can get behind the wheel of a Jeep-themed vehicle and burn rubber on a small, round speedway. The Kite Eating Tree takes them 20 feet (6 m) to the top of the tree and gently brings them back down. Seated in one of Pig Pen’s Mud Buggies, guests will “drive” around the popular Pig Pen character while bouncing on a bumpy ride. They can spin around on Woodstock Whirlybirds, an oversized bird’s nest on this classic teacup ride. Beagle Scout Acres is an 8,000 square foot (743 sq m) climb and play area located behind Wilderness Run (formerly Lucy’s Crabby Cabbies). It provides plenty of room to run, play and climb, and lots of shade.

To make way for the expanded Camp Snoopy, the Character Carousel was relocated, refreshed and renamed. The Grand Carousel is housed in a beautiful new pavilion anchoring the newly renovated Carousel Park plaza, located near Vortex. A fountain with seating and shady pergolas sits in the carousel’s former location to provide a relaxing place for families to gather.

The Snoopy Boutique and Snack Shack were renovated and renamed to Camp Store and Camp Cook Out to match the Carolina wilderness-inspired Camp Snoopy theme.

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