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Dear manufacturers and suppliers of entertainment equipment!

Today we are all in difficult economic conditions, but, as history shows, after each crisis there is a rise.

Despite the reduced demand, we continue to receive periodic requests from entrepreneurs to purchase equipment. Only in the past two weeks there have been requests for a Ferris wheel, a chain carousel, an inflatable play complex and a  kiddie  playground for an indoor center. This suggests that market participants do not lose heart, but continue to work and plan their business.

Dear manufacturers,  we decided to support you and offer new free options for promoting your brands:

  1. E-mail shot of commercial offers to RAAPA data base – more than         10 000 addresses.
  2. Advertisement placement on RAAPA website in special section.
  3. Placement of an advertising video message in the RAAPA Instagram account – more than 7000 subscribers.

Terms of participation and technical requirements for materials.

The companies that participated in the following events: RAAPA EXPO-2020, RAAPA EXPO AUTUMN-2019 exhibitions; RAAPA Summer  Forum in Samara; advertisers of “Attractions and entertainments” magazine can take part in the action.

To place an advertisement on the RAAPA website and for  e-mail shot to the data  base you need to: prepare a commercial offer that differs from the usual conditions of sale, and send it to us.

The offer should contain the following information: company name, name of the amusement ride or service, price (basic and including  a discount), as well as photos of the products.

A company can offer no more than three units of products or services per month.

To be placed in the RAAPA Instagram account, you  should: prepare and send a video of not more than 1 minute duration.

The material may be in the format of a video message from the Head of the company, or a company specialist, or a promotional video about your products or services.

It is possible to place no more than one video per month.

Materials are processed as they become available.

The action is valid until June 30, 2020.

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