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Busch Gardens Williamsburg launches DarKoaster straddle coaster

Busch Gardens Williamsburg has launched its new DarKoaster, billed as North America’s first all-indoor straddle coaster.

The family-friendly attraction is located in the building the housed the theme park’s former Curse of DarKastle dark ride, which shut after the 2017 season.

Busch Gardens explains the DarKoaster storyline: “King Ludwig’s abandoned fortress resurfaces as strange weather patterns have been recorded near the cursed castle grounds. Only the bravest souls will embark on snowmobiles in this dark expedition to discover the mysterious phenomenon. A supernatural force is imminent as explorers discover that they are evading more than just a raging storm.”

Riders travel on snowmobile-style ride vehicles across 2,454 feet of track, including areas of total darkness. As the weather strikes, guests enjoy four accelerating launches.

Park president, Kevin Lembke, states: “As an indoor attraction, DarKoaster complements our collection of thrill rides and offers a new experience to enjoy throughout the year.”

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