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Brick City lights unveils the largest known fully LED lit Lego Brick City

What originally started as a family tradition in Carol Stream, Illinois, at Christmas in 1980 has now grown to become what the family believes to be the world’s largest known fully LED lit Lego brick city.

In 2018 with the help of two of their adult sons, the family re-built and enlarged their town display so that it is now built on 274 ten inch by ten inch Lego base plates. They also took an interesting approach to make their museum quality town more gorgeous than it had been in the past by taking the unique step of lighting their entire town with thousands of miniature LED lights which is what has turned their town into a truly unique and magical experience.

Their next step which is already in the planning stage is to enlarge their town to over 1,500 ten inch by ten inch Lego base plates. According to George Bailey, the family already owns all of the Lego brick kits necessary to fill this enormous size town which will be over six times its current size.

According to Bailey, one of the most noticeable features of their expanded town will focus on the popular and very timely theme of renewable energy, and which will feature six giant Lego wind turbines and a solar panel farm with an array of twenty large scale custom built solar panels.

Bailey went on to say that the next build will continue to be fully LED lit, museum quality, highly organised, and finely detailed. He said that other changes to their town will include substantially expanded park, residential, business, and amusement park areas. Further expansions will include a much larger train yard with sixteen remote controlled passenger and freight trains, more parking areas, and 96 blue base plates for an enormous collection of various boats and watercraft.

Brand new additions to the expanded town will include a second airport for larger jets, a 78 base plate giant wooded area for camping, fishing, and hiking, a new large 90 base plate farm with crops, cattle, pigs, horses, and chickens. Other new additions will include an enormous race car museum, a gorgeous new Chinatown area, and sections for some of the larger scale Harry Potter and Disney kits.

Long before Lego brick building kits became the phenomenon that they are today, the owners of this collection became avid lovers of this popular toy. Their private collection of Lego brick building kits which can be included in a city theme layout is now well over 1,000 kits.


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