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Brand new horror concept at Liseberg

On October 11, it is the premiere of Halloween at Liseberg and the horror offering is bigger than ever, says the park. New for this year is the Horror House Skogen, a brand new horror concept at Liseberg where visitors are taken on an unpleasant hike – for the first time outdoors – in the dark.

A total of five horror houses and two horror areas can be chosen from this fall’s horror offerings at Liseberg. It is the usually harmonious Lisebergs Lustgård that in the fall is filled with a dark, evil nature and nasty creatures. The visitors, who will walk in smaller groups through the Forest, embark on a hike that they will not forget late.

“It is not a common horror walk or forest tour we are talking about here, but it is your worst brain ghosts that are brought to life in the dark. Many people may recognize themselves in a place that transforms completely when darkness falls. When every shadow or sound plays a poke in your head and turns into your own worst nightmare,” said Sandra Leiknes, producer of the horror houses at Liseberg.

The forest is the first time Liseberg is creating an alarm house outdoors. But before, there are frightening areas outdoors, such as District Z and Circus Bizarr, in the theme park during the Halloween season.

“In the fear areas, it is possible to move freely and to watch the actors in the distance. In the Forest you walk a cut path outdoors. You cannot escape but are completely left out of the experience. It will be creepier than ever! ” added Sandra.

In total, SEK 2.1 million has been invested in the Forest, which will close one to two hours later than the other amusement parks because darkness is such an important part of the experience. Even The Horror House The Experiment, which is also on the mountain, will close later than the rest of the park.

Halloween at Liseberg opened for the first time in 2015 and then grown in both supply and visitor numbers. In 2019, there will be five horror houses and two horror areas to visit. In 2018, the Halloweens season was visited by 320,000 guests.

This year’s premiere is October 11 and the opening days are October 11-13, 18-20 and October 25-31, and November 1-3. Full opening hours can be found on Liseberg’s website.

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