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Booster Unhinged delivers unprecedented thrills

The world’s first Booster Unhinged debuted in the spring of 2019 at Prater Park and added yet another element of thrills to this traditional amusement park. The new attraction, dubbed King Size, puts a new twist on the classic extreme ride.

“After over 20 years of success with our original Booster rides,” said Hannes Lackner, Funtime Group’s General Manager, “Funtime felt the time had come to re-imagine the concept and deliver yet another dimension of thrills that our clients and fans expect from our company. Booster Unhinged exceeded all expectations as eager guests lined up to experience this world’s first experience. Our entire team was excited to introduce the new concept at the famous Prater Park, which has become one of our favorite locations to debut prototypes given its proximity to our factory in Dölsach.”

Towering 50 meters (164 ft) high, Booster Unhinged takes the proven extreme concept of the original Booster and revs up the adrenaline to another level. Riders experience three separate motions all at once: the rotation of the main boom, powered rotation of the seating rigs, and the free-flipping gravitational motion of each individual seat.

The unique individual seating delivers this package of thrills while allowing for unobstructed visuals as passengers arc their way through the sky not knowing which way is up. The Prater Park installation has a capacity of eight riders per cycle (four on each end of the boom), but for properties looking for greater capacity on the ride, 16 and 32-seat versions are also available.

Coming on the heels of Booster Unhinged is the opening of two classic Boosters, which will open at Six Flags St. Louis and the Great Escape in the spring of 2020.

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