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Boomtown creators launch crowdfunder for Wake the Tiger

The creators of Boomtown are launching an amazement park this summer, Wake the Tiger.

Over £1.5million of seed investment has already been secured from private investors. To complete the construction, the team is launching a Crowdcube fundraiser on April 26 to secure an additional £350,000 to launch this new tourist attraction in the South West of England.

75% of the projected revenue stream for Wake the Tiger is via tickets sales, with secondary streams coming from the bar/café and merchandise range which are created by a team of artists and designers including a range of sculptures, prints and NFT’s.

Wake The Tiger is a new concept – a ‘fantastical experience’ produced by a collection of over 100 artists including storytellers, poets, scenic artists, robotics experts, fabricators, costume makers, architects, videographers and prop makers. It blurs the lines between an art gallery, theme park and film set, with a playful psychedelic twist throughout.


On arrival at the amazement park, visitors will enter a secret portal into the world of Meridia; a multi-layered maze of immersive, interactive environments, secret passageways, hidden forests, temples, ice caves and mesmerising wonders.

The amazement park is expecting 300,000 visitors per annum, and will generate at least 55 new jobs for creatives, hospitality and production teams in the local area.

Image: Andre Pattenden & Doug Francisco
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