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Biggest animatronic ever built set for Carthageland

EOS Rides,alian ride and attractions developer, has created the world’s biggest ever animatronic figure – which is to be the centerpiece of a customised spinning coaster also designed and built by EOS.

The gorilla has been crafted to resemble the famous King Kong, with specialist craftsmen at EOS having studied the animal in real life, in order to make the figure as realistic as possible. The figure is 13 metres (42 ft) tall, and moves in a true King Kong style

The ape spends most of its time resting on its knuckles, turning his head and looking round until it suddenly rises to its full height, opens its mouth emits a fierce roar – which is sure to frighten even the bravest guests. The gargantuan audio system ensures that his roar can be heard from up to a kilometer away. Every detail has been catered for, with guests even able to see hot breath pouring from the ape’s nostrils.

Carthageland, a major theme park in Hammamet, Tunisia, is the new home to this beast and is installing the huge animatronic, as well as its accompanying spinning coaster, on top of an existing building. The coaster, which is 280 metres (900 ft) long will reach a maximum linear speed of 60 km/h and is currently being installed on site.

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