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Banana Battle

Making a Splash at Bobbejaanland

This summer Bobbejaanland in Belgium unveiled the world’s first indoor Splash Battle from 3DBA/Preston & Barbieri as part of its new Banana Bos (Banana Forest) area.

Battle, as the ride is called, is the second compact Splash Battle  supplied to the Parques Reunidos group, following the delivery of Raratonga last season to Mirabilandia in Italy.
Built inside one of Bobbejaanland’s existing building, the ride features a cable drive beneath the water and was themed by P&P Projects from the Netherlands, which has also worked on a number of earlier Splash Battle installations.
“Our job was to create a new look and transform the building into a jungle area,” remembers P&P’s creative director, Philipp van Stratum. “This was tricky because the building was constructed in the ‘70s with corrugated metal, which is not the easiest material to scenically treat. The size of the building, approximately 2,500 square metres, also meant it was a challenge to compete the job on budget.”
Banana Battle is split into three parts, starting with a practice area where guests can try out the water guns. In zone two they fire at targets themed at golden masks to activate a series of effects including monkeys, snakes and turtles, then in the final zone they can shoot at the other boasts and really get wet.
Perhaps the best way to enjoy the attraction, however, is from the outside. As part of the Banana Bos revamp, P&P also overhauled a food and beverage area, which now overlooks the ride. Spectators can further join in the fun by activating a coin-operated geyser in the centre of the ride and soaking their friends on board.

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