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Award-winning 3D

Red Star Studio has won another award for Curse of Skull Rock. The 3D film picked up the Animation for Young Audiences award at the Red Stick International Animation Festival in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, at the end of April.

The production, which is distributed via Simworx, is a swashbuckling adventure pitting plucky cabin girl Jill Hopkins against the tyrannical Captain Scabb in pursuit of the legendary lost treasure of Skull Rock.

The film has already won the Tricks for Kids award for best children’s film at the Stuttgart International Animation Festival, and has been selected at over 10 other festivals around the world.

In March The Curse of Skull Rock debuted in a Simworx 150-seat 4D theatre at Drayton Manor in England, and later this season will appear at Drievlet family park in Holland.

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