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AromaPrime prepares for 50th anniversary

With its 50th anniversary imminent, AromaPrime has become the go-to company for spectacular scents in theme parks, museums, hotels, escape rooms and leisure venues.

New Themed Aromas

After months of experimentation and careful research, AromaPrime is launching six new weird and wonderful aromas!


  • BLOCKED URINAL: Believe it or not, urine is an immensely popular pong for Halloween. With the unbearable stench being so familiar, it is a great way to trigger feelings of discomfort in scare mazes. After requests for more urine varieties, Blocked Urinal provides a more acidic, dirty car park toilet atmosphere.
  • DODO: Museums are currently intrigued by the possibility of bringing extinct aromas back into the world, allowing us to connect to that which no longer exists. AromaPrime’sDodo scent is based on the dirt of their humid habitat, and also their fruity diet.
  • SUPERHERO CITY BATTLE: The world’s leading theme parks are embracing the massive superhero trend, and AromaPrime’s scent range has had to adapt! Superhero City Battle is based on the atmosphere of lasers frying metal and explosions blasting concrete!
  • PUMPKIN SPICE: An increasingly popular flavour, this spice sensation will entice people into eateries and shops during the colder months.
  • FRUITY ICE LOLLIES: More water parks are exploring the profit-boosting possibilities of scents! Fruity Ice Lollies was designed to enhance the summer atmosphere and make people hungry for cold snacks!
  • BREAKFAST PASTRIES: This delicious new fragrance was created to spark comforting memories as breakfast is served at hotels and bakeries.

Reducing Plastic: The New Aroma Block

The Aroma Block previously had a plastic casing, but in an effort to reduce plastic usage, AromaPrime has redesigned the model with a more eco-friendly, recyclable metal.

After a few test projects this year, the Aroma Block was officially launched at the IAAPA Expo Europe 2022. This fantastic, non-electric scenting solution contains a pre-scented spongy material. Simply remove the lid to let the scent rise out!

AromaPrime’s 50th Anniversary

Founded in 1973, AromaPrime was the world’s first scenting company to specialise in themed attractions, with off-the-shelf solutions made especially for the industry. With 2023 fast approaching, the company is preparing for its big 50th anniversary!

Liam R. Findlay, AromaPrime’s Attractions Consultant, explains the company history: “Originally named Dale Air, AromaPrime was founded by Blackpool scent pioneer Fred Dale, who made nostalgic smells to bring back memories for elderly care home residents. After being approached by Jorvik Viking Centre in the early 1980s, the company dived into a world of historically accurate scents, which were created for the Viking attraction’s new dark ride. Ever since, AromaPrime has been making smells to immerse and trigger emotions, with customers including Alton Towers, Natural History Museum, 5-star restaurants, The Dorchester Hotel, LEGOLAND Korea, Imperial War

Museums, Madame Tussauds and leading theme park resorts around the world.”

For AromaPrime’s 50th anniversary, look out for exciting celebrations, including the burial of a smelly time capsule! The company will also be pulling previously-unseen footage from its archives, which many attractions enthusiasts may be fascinated to see. Finally, keep an eye on AromaPrime’s products, as its team is working hard on taking the industry’s scenting technology to new heights!

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