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from WhiteWater West

WhiteWater West has secured the licence for an exciting new waterpark attraction. Combined with the ‘AquaRocket’ rider launch system, the AquaLoop is the world’s first looping waterslide.

The prototype attraction debuted last summer at a waterpark in Croatia. The fun begins at the top of a 50ft-tall tower, where bathers climb inside the AquaRocket and are held at a 75-degree angle. As the floor drops out, they are dispatched into the enclosed tube slide and through a vertical loop.

The launch system (seen left) is also available for use on other slide set-ups and overcomes the “moment of truth” for nervous riders, potentially speeding up throughput for the operator.

WhiteWater has also developed seven new rides of its own and is offering them to select clientele. These include the Champagne Bowl, or body bowl, in which riders slide through new transluscent tubes, plus four new family raft rides and two new innertube rides.

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