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Aqua Tram

by Hopkins Rides

An update of the same manufacturer’s Nautibus attraction, the Aqua Tram provides an underwater dark ride experience for a wide range of entertainment venues, from amusement parks to aquaria.

Each capsule seats six to 10 riders and is guided by a rod from above as it travels and rotates through the water. The capsules are fully submerged at all times except for a dry top area, where passengers embark and disembark.

Once inside, riders glimpse through portholes to watch a video show simulating the underwater environment outside. This is complemented by a “sonar style” monitor image and stereo soundtrack.

The original Nautibus opened some years ago at Le Grand Aquarium in St Malo, France. Featuring a 70-metre track and 12 4-seater capsules, it continues to entertain thousands of visitors every day.

The Aqua Tram is a more compact version of the ride, featuring a fixed 19-metre circle rather than a full track. Thanks to the increased gondola size, however, it still provides a respectable throughput. The concept was officially launched this winter at IAAPA Attractions Expo.

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