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Always innovating

Great Coasters International (GCI) has been the go-to manufacturer of the world’s highest quality wooden roller coasters for over 25 years. Constantly innovating, the company recently introduced Titan Track, its newest advancement in steel tracks for both wooden and steel coasters. Park World editor, Becci Knowles reports.

Described as the “first-real” hybrid and “capable of just about anything”, CGI co-founder Clair Hain explains the engineering behind it. Interestingly, this patent pending steel track system has no welds.

A full rivet-based system, Clair says “the goal” was to make it with less inspection or any unscheduled maintenance. “The steel track requires less care than traditional wooden track, which makes upkeep of your coaster made easier and more affordable.” The rivets themselves, should never need to be replaced, he says.

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