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Alterface launches Wander interactive & scalable solution

Alterface Projects has announced the launch of scalable solution Wander at IAPPA Attractions Expo in Orlando.

Wander is an interactive solution for on-location entertainment. It is the latest addition to the growing family of non-linear interactive attractions, joining the recently launched Erratic dark ride. The core of this solution is the dispatch centre, which recognizes and assigns missions to visitors. Installed in various areas of the park, the action centres are the interactive locations where visitors will perform the mission assigned by the dispatch centre.

Park visitors are given a mission individually or in groups, and are sent to various places of the park to fulfil them. These places depend on the chosen story, on the available capacity of each station and on the previous experience of the players. As a result, they get missions that are changing all the time and cannot be predicted.

In order to implement the system, Alterface relies on its powerful Salto interactive engine, which is also behind the Maus au Chocolat in Phantasialand and Justice League at Six Flags. The system can adapt to any venue regardless of its size and with a virtually unlimited amount of gameplay possibilities. Every visit to the park is turned into a new experience, offering a perfect tool to spread the crowd between attractions.

CEO and Founder Benoit ‘Ben’ Cornet, commented: “We have put our interactivity expertise together with today’s market needs to come with a range of solutions for creating (dark) rides which are less predictable than today’s linear experiences. Our new Wander and Erratic solutions offer visitors every time a new and unique experience. It requires more complex technology and careful planning but guarantees so much more fun for the visitors. This approach ensures a real differentiator for parks and will move them to the next level. Whilst Erratic is taking dark riders into a new adventure, Wander will turn visitors into scavenger hunters, crossing the park in search of clues, challenges, rewards or surprises.”

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