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Alterface launches IP Popcorn Revenge®

This years Asian Attractions Expo (AAE) will see Alterface unveil a new and unique ride concept. The Spinning Interactive Dark Ride features the new Alterface proprietary IP Popcorn Revenge® as the rides theming. Alterface launched its Rotating Theater in 2007, which offered an interactive experience with immersive themed scenery. The second generation now brings a totally new dimension into this concept in the form of a Spinning Interactive Dark Ride.

This new ride concept is a creative solution, combining an immersive five-minute attraction within a very small footprint, accommodating up to 600 people per hour. In blocks of 40 seconds the platform rotates, moving each group of 8 players through an immersive series of scenes. The theatre includes themed scenery, large integrated screens, custom media, projection mapping, sounds, dynamic lighting and special effects. These are all managed by Alterface Show control FX studioTM.

Laurence Beckers, Special Projects and Technology Scout at Alterface, explains: “Popcorn Revenge® is based in a setting reproducing some of the most legendary film scenes. It’s a versatile and fun IP we have created and patented, in close cooperation with our design partner. We are all so excited about the great opportunities this opens up.”

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