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Alterface & ETF launch first non-linear interactive ride

Alterface Projects and ETF Ride Systems have announced the launch of the new Erratic® Ride – the first non-linear mixed-media ride with dynamic scene changing, allowing players to determine the sequence depending on their ranking and preferences.

As well as fully immersing and engaging users into the story, the ride can be installed on a relatively small space with high throughput.

The first installation will take place at Walibi, one of the largest parks in Belgium, owned by Compagnie des Alpes. Jean-Christophe Parent, CEO of Walibi Belgium, commented: “This new ride generation is refreshing and innovative. The Erratic® Ride will without any doubt be a great addition to our park. Based on Alterface’s track records and the quality of our relationship, we totally trust them to deliver our visitors an experience that will be immediate, simple, playful and extremely effective!”

Benoit ‘Ben’ Cornet, CEO and Founder at Alterface, added: “After 16 years of un-demented interactive dark ride success, in

cluding Maus-au-Chocolat type rides, we felt we had to come with a new and truly ‘gamechanging’ concept. The storytelling capabilities of our show control technologies, combined with the unique features of ETF Multi Mover vehicles, are the key ingredients for this new exciting ride formula. The collective know-how acquired over no less than 30 successful installations allows us to rapidly define a winning concept.”

Popcorn Revenge® will bring in a flurry of projection technique, video mapping and special effects, as already demonstrated in many Alterface signature rides around the world. Combined with a unique touch of ‘choreography’, usually only found in much larger projects, the IP is aimed at parks of any size and visitors of any age.


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