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Alien Abduction

by Splashtacular

This new creation is proposed as an iconic 75 feet-tall structure for waterparks, employing the theme park concept of a pre-show, main show and post-show experience.

Guests begin by firing water cannons and observing others park visitors being “adducted” into the 45ft alien spacecraft. They are then loaded at ground level into two-person rafts on a nine-bay platform. Once secured in their rafts, the platform rises into a cloud of fog, and towards the alien craft.

A multi-sensory light and sound show, including a projection onto the craft’s domed roof, appears and guests are given a glimpse of various alien life forms. Inside the ship, the platform begins to spin and eventually riders are dispatched onto one of three separate tube slides. The platform then returns to the ground to “abduct” more riders.

Each enclosed tube contains further effects, as guests slide through projected images of alien creatures with gaping mouths. As much of the imagery is produced using digital media, the rider experience will be different each time. The landing pool that guests will splash into will froth, bubble and change colour, as “alien energy” rushes out of the tubes.

Splashtacular is the largest US-based manufacturer of waterslides. “We believe this ride will change the face of the industry,” the company’s Steve Levine confidently predicts.

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