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Adventureland opens two new rides

Adventureland Resort in Iowa has opened two new intertwined attractions, Draken Falls and Flying Viking, both supplied by Zamperla.

The Draken Falls log ride is a water adventure where riders can take a journey through a Viking-themed landscape in six-person boats that venture through streaming waterfalls. This eventful but smooth water ride is a family-friendly attraction, and an experience for all ages.

It also marks the return of Adventureland’s beloved log ride, which was open from 1974 to 2015.

The second new attraction, the Flying Viking, will take flight over, around and under Draken Falls with over 1,300 feet of twists, turns and excitement.

The Flying Viking is a great first roller coaster for young visitors, as the minimum height requirement is only 36 inches. Riders on the Draken Falls will need to be at least 42 inches tall to set sail.

As guests walk into the two new rides, they will be transported to a world reminiscent of a Nordic village, adorned with intricately carved wooden structures, battle shields and more.

“The vikings were the original adventurers, so we’re bringing that concept to a very high-tech, very revolutionary concept of blending this coaster and this log ride,” says Mike Lusky, Adventureland’s general manager.

He adds: “Adventureland is committed to providing an exceptional adventure for all guests, from the moment they enter the park until the moment they leave. These attractions represent the culmination of years of planning, and we are confident that they will deliver unparalleled thrills and excitement for our visitors.”

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