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A roaring new thrill set for 2019 debut at Djurs Sommerland

Danish amusement park Djurs Sommerland has announced that a new thrill ride is set to arrive in May 2019, as the result of a €5m investment.

Called Tigeren, the ride will be part of a new themed area, Wild Asia, together with DrageKongen – Europe’s fastest and longest family suspended coaster from 2017. Tigeren has its own record-breaking stats, being one of Europe’s tallest Gyro Swings, and the tallest ride in Djurs Sommerland. Intamin, who also supplied Piraten, and Juvelen to the park, manufactured both rides.

Tigeren’s rotating gondola swings 45m in the air at a top speed of 100km/h. Riders experience a G-force of over 4.5G, creating a feeling of weightlessness during the two minute ride.

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