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A recurring theme

In the first of a two part series, and with the help of the experts, Park World editor, Becci Knowles explores current and future trends in the design of waterparks and resorts

Commenting on current and future trends,Josh Martin, president and creative director of family owned aquatic firm Martin Aquatic Design & Engineering says: “The demand for waterparks has steadily been on the rise over the last few years. As hospitality destinations have entered the area of waterparks, the classic definition has been challenged. You are seeing resorts, community centres, and public facilities offering a greater ride mix than some stand-alone waterparks. This has in turn caused the standalone waterparks to add marquee family experiences that you can only experience at their park. The desire to have the “first, biggest, longest” has become a key part of any ground-up design. We expect that the race for the latest technology or ride will drive the decision-making process moving forward.”

Ray Lauenstein, business development manager at Aquatic Development Group (ADG) agrees: “Even before the pandemic, waterparks were seeing demand rise for cabanas and other personal spaces. This trend became even more intense this year, with some waterparks not able to provide enough.” READ ON.




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