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A Drop in the Ocean

Construction of Intamin’s  ‘Rainforest Drop Tower’ parachute towers has been completed, and the ride has successfully opened at Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom – just in time for Chinese national holiday Golden Week.

“With the opening of Ocean Kingdoms new Rainforest Drop Tower Zone, the new home of the two parachute towers, guests of all ages can explore the secrets of the tropical rainforest in a unique way,” an Intamin spokesperson commented.

Shaped like two tall trees with dazzling blooming flowers, the tubular, steel structures of the parachute towers reach up to an impressive 40 metres and 25 metres high respectively, and give a bird’s eye view of the majority of Ocean Kingdom. A supporting structure holds six parachutes on each tower, seating six passengers in a back-to-back position.

Passengers can experience the high-speed ups and downs from the perspective of a tropical adventurer as they ride the Rainforest Drop Tower, plunging into the rainforest and moving at different speeds. At night, an extensive lightning package illuminates the colourful canopy and flowers.

Key park operators facing ever-increasing noise and space issues, the Parachute Tower operates noiselessly and requires very little ground space.

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