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‘6D’ arrives in Romania

After months of research and development, Kraftwerk’s first Moovid6D mobile theatre has finally opened it doors. The grand opening took place this summer as the attraction debuted inside the Liberty Center in Bucharest, Romania.

Buy why the 6th ‘D’? According to Kraftwerk, the sixth dimension refers to the attraction’s mobility. Due to the theatre’s lightweight design using aluminium trussing and acoustic panels, it offers potential for a wide variety of operators and outlets.

The 40-seat mobile construction combines 3D video projection with countless special effects (4D) and moving seat units (5D) and requires only a power connection and water supply to bring multimedia entertainment to visitors – wherever their location.

The 5D seats provide fluent movement in all directions (3 degrees of freedom) and are equipped with effects including water, air-blast and vibration. High definition 3D video projection is combined with high end audio, intelligent spots and effect lighting.

Moovid6D is operated at the Liberty Center by Light Cinema Bucuresti Srl.

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