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5D International makes US sales

Double Flyboard installation announced

Simulating a low altitude flight over the capital of Austria, Vienna Airlines has been a hit since it opened at the city’s famous Prater amusement park, and now the company that created it is poised to deliver more experiences using the same ride system.

5D International has signed an agreement with a “major attraction” in the United States to deliver a double Flyboard installation opening May 2010. Combined with a pre-show, the attraction will entertain around 1,100 guests an hour.

Originally unveiled in 2006 at the Blue Dome in Salzburg, Austria, the Flyboard has experienced renewed interest since the opening of Vienna Airlines. As well as the confirmed order from the States, 5D International also reports that it is in negotiations with a Russian party.

The Vienna-based firm sees great potential for the Flyboard by marrying it to similar city-based ride films to provide visitors with an authentic flying experience. “Our aim is to produce bespoke, high quality ride films for around €1 million,” says David Vatcher, 5D International’s chief technology officer. “I don’t know of anyone else that can do that.”

At the Prater, Vienna Airlines is operated side by side with the Miraculum, a special effects theatre by 5D International.

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