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360° of fun at Mt Olympus

Mt Olympus Water & Theme Park, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, is modifying Hades, its partly-underground wooden roller coaster.

In 2013 Hades will transform to become the world’s first all-wood rollercoaster with an upside down barrel roll.

Dubbed Hades 360, the new-look ride will feature both a 360° upside down barrel roll and a 110 degree over-banked turn. To perform these elements, new state-of-the-art Timberliner trains will be added from The Gravity Group will be added to the ride, which is also doing the engineering. Construction will be carried out in-house by Mt Olympus.

Hades 360 will feature a total track length of 4,725ft (1.4km), with1,400ft (427m) of that underground, including a 90-degree banked underground turn in complete darkness. Some other features of the ride include a first drop of 140ft (43m) at an angle of 65°, a 110-degree over-banked turn and a top speed of 70mph (113 kmh).

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