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Bobbejaanland invests in new park area

Bobbejaanland have announced the construction of a new area in their Belgium based theme park.  The new area will cover more than two hectares, with the park – located in Lichtaart – spanning 3,000 metres-squared in its entirety.

The Typhoon rollercoaster and Frisbee Sledge Hammer attractions will be part of the themed area, along with a new flagship triple launch rollercoaster from the German manufacturer Gerstlauer.

“The 2019 project is a big opportunity for the Bobbejaanland team, together we will have the chance to bring what visitors look forward to: a real sensation in a nicely themed area,” said marketing director Peggy Verelst. “Gerstlauer proposed a great triple launch coaster that in all aspects will go beyond the expectation of the visitors. The coaster is designed for the park’s themed area, and with this investment we want to continue on the path of growth.”

Bobbejaanland’s new park area will open to the public in spring 2019.

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